My name is Alexey Grishchenko and I’m a distributed systems enthusiast and a subject matter expert in the field of distributed computing. I’m Cloudera Certified Developer for Apache Hadoop, Databricks Certified Developer for Apache Spark with a broad experience of implementing MPP, Hadoop and Spark solutions in the biggest enterprises. Also I’m contributing some code to Greenplum, Apache HAWQ, Apache Spark, Postgres.

Being enthusiastic and passionate about the distributed systems architecture, I’m completely open for any public discussions on this topic, so if you have any technology related questions – feel free to reach me out directly or just post your question on StackOverflow – eventually I would find it and answer.

In this blog I write my thoughts on the complicated technical problems and the current state of the industry of distributed data processing systems. Here you will find only unique content created by me, without any reposting and rewriting, and without marketing.

My contact information is the following: