MPP vs Hadoop Talk

Today I had a great talk at the Hadoop User Group Ireland meetup in Dublin, and it was an adapted and refactored version of the article on the same subject, MPP vs Hadoop. Here are the slides:

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7 thoughts on “MPP vs Hadoop Talk

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  2. Anatoly Korzun


    thank you for your nice presentation. I believe it is good for communication with top managers and other decision makers. But you would probably agree that from the technical viewpoint it contains simplifications, and real life is somewhat more complicated:).


    1. 0x0FFF Post author

      Of course, real world is much more complicated. But regarding top managers – you are wrong here. In fact, there is a very small fraction of people who really understands the difference in design between MPP and Hadoop components, and even smaller fraction of them can really describe it verbally. So this presentation is good not only for the top managers, but for all the users of MPP systems and Hadoop systems, to have a better understanding of the data processing industry. After this talk there are usually a number of people who come with the questions regarding their real use cases, and for these questions I can say something more concrete, but you are right, the presentation is general

    1. 0x0FFF Post author

      No, unfortunately no video was recorded on that meetup. But the presentation is quite straightforward so if you have any questions feel free to ask me


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